csitzman 25 minutes ago

It is not only the schools that face a liability insurance problem. Any teacher or administrator who conceal carries to work will find themselves either unable to obtain or afford professional liability insurance. What teacher or administrator is going to want to carry a gun at work when they know that they will be liable for millions of dollars in civil penalties should some one get injured, traumatized or killed by their gun? But of course why would Brownback and all of the other gun nuts think about any of the potential problems with allowing and promoting guns in schools when they are so blinded by their gun mania. And another practical matter, what are schools going to do about students and staff with mental health issues? The number of students on college campuses with serious mental health issues is an epidemic that colleges have not been able to address adequately. So do we give arm bands to everyone, with red bands meaning dangerous/no gun allowed and green bands meaning okay to conceal carry? Or will Brownback and the state increase funding to increase and improve mental health services? Oh I forgot, Brownback and cronies just cut state services again so they could afford a tax cut in order to make sure they can all get re-elected.