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    Chris Trejbal

Chris Trejbal has spent his career writing editorials and columns on everything from Arbor Day to Zeno’s Paradox. When you ask him to write, you know you will receive professional, clean copy delivered on deadline, written to length and localized to match the interests of your readers.

His work has appeared in both liberal and conservative publications. He can help you come up with topics suitable for your pages, and when you need to kick around ideas and think through complex issues, he can help.

Chris delivers top-flight editorials, thoughtful, well researched, on time and at the agreed upon length.  He provides hyperlinks in copy and uses social media to boost readership. Reader response is thoughtful, reflecting his respect for readers. He has provided critical relief for an editorial board challenged by a retirement vacancy. The Kansas City Star is better with his contributions.

Miriam Pepper
Vice President, Editorial Page
The Kansas City Star

Chris wrote editorials and columns for more than 15 years at daily newspapers in Minnesota, Oregon and Virginia before founding Opinion in a Pinch. During that time, he developed diverse interests and expertise. Among his specialties are:

  • Data analysis (He holds a B.S. in mathematics, and M.A.s focused on analysis)
  • Privacy
  • Open government
  • Constitutional law, especially First Amendment
  • National politics
  • Regional politics (Virginia and the West)
  • Science and technology

At a time of media cutbacks and expansion online, the daily demands on editorial pages have increased tremendously. Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to do everything. That’s where Opinion in a Pinch can help.

We’ve all been there. The editorial hole looms, and you aren’t quite sure how you will fill it without putting in long, extra hours. It can happen for any number of reasons:

  • Endorsement interviews or other visitors to the editorial board devour your usual writing time.
  • You or your other writers take a deserved vacation.
  • Sometimes, the week just gets away from you. Thursday arrives and you need to produce four, six or eight editorials for the coming days.
  • You need a well-written, signed commentary on a burning issue but can’t find someone to write it.

Maybe, you’re a candidate or organization with great ideas that just needs help putting them into a form suitable for distribution or print.

Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be great to be able to pull an editorial, column or press release from thin air?

You can. Tell Chris the topic, your paper’s editorial stance and how many words, and he will turn around that editorial for you on deadline. He includes appropriate links so the editorial or column is ready to appear online. He also promotes them on social media, increasing their reach and driving traffic to your site.

Everyone has an opinion. Chris has the experience to put an opinion into a persuasive form that will engage readers and start a conversation. Contact us the next time you need an Opinion in a Pinch.