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Opinion in a Pinch’s writers combined have more than 50 years experience in journalism, opinion writing and editing. We have written for daily newspapers in Missouri, Minnesota, Oregon and Virginia as well as several online sites. Our clients’ pieces have appeared in publications across the country, including The Washington Post, Indianapolis Star, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Seattle Times, Dallas Morning News, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, and others.

Among our specialties are:

  • Data analysis
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  • National politics
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  • Science and technology

Chris Trejbal thinks and writes with a power and precision that makes him one of the more impressive commentators I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with. He combines an incisive mind with a well-honed conscience, an unrelenting advocacy of justice — and a sense of humor in the bargain, a virtue to which more of us should aspire.

Tommy Denton
Former President – National Conference of Editorial Writers,
Former editorial page editor – The Roanoke Times

Are you an newspaper editorial editor with a looming deadline? Maybe, you’re a candidate or organization with great ideas that just needs help putting them into a form suitable for distribution or print.

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Opinion in a Pinch makes it possible. Tell us the topic, your opinion and how many words, and we will deliver on deadline. We include appropriate links so that content is ready to appear online. We also promote content on social media, increasing your reach and driving traffic to your site.

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